Wedding of the Year!

June 10th 2011, the day my baby brother (well brother in law) got married! The day started off really badly, C came into our bed at 2am after a nightmare, LissyLou woke at 4am needing a feed  and I got up at 5am due to a very very painful blocked milk duct. I toddled downstairs and caught up on my soaps (god bless Sky Plus!) whilst I sat with a hot water bottle on one side and a breast pump on the other!

Got the children up at about 8am and started getting them breakfast and making sure we had everything we needed for the day then LissyLou and I went to join the bride and the other bridesmaids so that we could all get ready together. Cue Champagne and pastries for breakfast and makeup everywhere you looked.  The crying started the minute I saw the brides dress hanging in front of her wardrobe and pretty much carried on for half the day!

The bride looked stunning, all white satin Maggie Sottero gown with crystals and a cathedral train dotted with diamantes! WOW. The bridesmaid dresses were teal, one shouldered and accompanied with an orchid wrist corsage. We all wore our hair in a low side bun and had gold and green eyeshadow. Honestly, it suited everyone!

LissyLou wore a beautiful little cream dress and I made a headband to match complete with teal butterfly, so she might not have been a bridesmaid but she looked the part.

The cars were vintage Rolls Royce limos, the bridesmaid and mother of the bride all crammed into the first one and the bride followed with her dad, all the bridesmaids welled up as we got near to the church and heard the bells, and we cryed our way down the aisle.

The service was lovely, the whole congregation were in tears when the vicar talked about how my brother thought this day would never come. (Perhaps I should explain that two years ago he was involved in a road traffic accident and he eventually lost his left leg. It was very touch and go whether he would live for a while, and he struggled for months trying to keep the leg but in the end he made the horrendous decision to have it amputated below the left knee).

We spent 1hr outside the church taking photos before heading off for the reception. My mum had been looking after both children up to this point and then it was our turn. Poor C was so stressed out and unhappy, he hadn’t wanted to put on his suit, and so in the end he went in the trousers, shirt and waistcoat. He didn’t want to sit down and eat his meal, preferring to run around and play with his cars on the floor. I didn’t mind too much, except when he was threatening to trip up the poor waitresses and spill bottles of wine, so by the end of the starters I was so stressed I could hardly breathe. He did eat some fruit and ice cream but was not interested in his main course, so for once we let him off.

Then came the speeches, the father of the bride did well, he is not known for his speaking, and he was very sweet about his daughter. C was playing while this went on and found the second microphone. He picked it up and was talking into it, fine until he realised he could switch it on and all of a sudden he shouted MICROPHONE!!!!!!!!! The whole room was in stitches. My brother’s speech was AMAZING, he had a small card with bullet points and he talked eloquently, with such emotion and love for nearly half an hour. His love for the bride, and how he thanked her for getting him through the last two years was so beautiful I couldn’t believe it.

Now anyone who knows me knows I hate to be away from my children but I have never ever been so relieved as when my mum came to pick them up. Finally I could get to enjoying the rest of the night! And what a night, lots and lots of dancing, a bit of wine and a great band! They had everyone up on the dance floor, singing our hearts out, don’t have much voice left now!

The cake was a tower of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, nom nom nom, all my idea, went down an absolute storm!!!!


5 thoughts on “Wedding of the Year!

  1. So glad you had a good time in the end! You look really good and I love that Lissy’s hair band matches your dress!!

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