Curry for tea

Well C really surprised me tonight.  He was clearly interested in the curry, rice and naan bread I’d made for tea so we offered him some rice. “Mmmmmmm” was the response, he kept asking for more and was really enjoying it. So bit by bit hubby gave him more rice and kept letting him have a taste of the curry. Then he spotted the naan bread, “PEANUT!!!!!! I love PEANUT” he said, now quite why he thought it was peanut I don’t know, we never have peanuts in the house and he has definitely never eaten one but he was quite adament that it was a peanut. But that sealed the deal, he needed his own plate! He woofed a healthy portion and licked his lips with glee when it was finished, “Mmmmm, delicious, I LOVE this”

Now what you should know about C is that he LOVES a lot of things, the current list includes……

  • Tractors,
  • Cars,
  • Cheese,
  • Ham,
  • “Milk and Milkshake” – he can’t grasp the concept of just asking for a Milkshake
  • His ‘superhero’ car
  • and “Peanut”

Its far from exhaustive, he will tell me about 10 times a day that he loves something, more often than not he loves very mundane things, like “Mummy I love this coin”, “Mummy I love Lissy’s dodie”, “Mummy, I love this car”……………

The absolute best thing he told me today that he loved was “Mummy, I love LissyLou soooooo much” – my heart melts, sometimes its the little things like this that can make you forget the terrible twos for a while!

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