What happened to my lovely little boy?

I used to have a lovely little boy. Cute, funny, polite and well behaved. The gremlins/aliens/goblins (insert any other creature you wish here!) came in the night a few weeks ago and swapped him. They left me a TERROR!  He screams whenever we go out, he shouts when he doesn’t get his way, throws things and has real temper tantrums.

Gone are the smug days in which we looked at other parents with sympathetic smiles but secretly felt superior for having an angel. Gone are the nice family meals out, replaced by us both being exhausted from forcing him into a chair or running round after him. Gone are my quiet days where C would sit quietly and play alone, or watch TV or draw, replaced by screams of “SOMETHING ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” until I find a better programme for him to watch.  Toys are thrown instead of being played with nicely, my front room looks like a bomb has hit it constantly and if I ask him to tidy up he says no, and gets more toys out!

Now I am the mummy who attracts the stares, the sympathetic smiles and the superior looks from those with younger or better behaved children.  And do you know what? I HATE IT!!

5 thoughts on “What happened to my lovely little boy?

  1. Oh man, I feel like that and my girl is only 7 months old. Shit. Is it too late to exchange her for a different one? I have the receipt somewhere…

    Good luck with C. May I suggest leaving him outside at night so the goblins come and take him back? 😉

    • Aaah, if you can find the receipt I suggest you may wish to claim under warranty? Now you are right about C, hubby did suggest he might like to live in the garage for a while, maybe the goblins could find him better there? 😉

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