How much fun can you have?

How much fun can you have with cleaning the house?

If you are C then a whole lot!

The vacuum cleaner adapters are a fire hose, everything is on fire and so shouts of “Fireman C, to the rescue” are heard around the house! It can also be used as a microphone, light sabre or snake!

The sweeping brush is amazing, you can sweep, pretend its a horse and put the vacuum cleaner adapter onto the handle and lift the brush up and down so that the adapter uses it as a slide. You can also ask mummy to hold said brush so that you can slide down the brush like a Fireman’s pole.

“Cleaner Cleaner Cleaner” is the shout while he attempts to dust

“Moppa Moppa Moppa” while he mops the floor

You get the drift!

The main problem with cleaning the house is that no matter how clean it gets, C is AWESOME at making it a mess in minutes. By tea time the floor will be covered in crumbs and there will be toys everywhere you look. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

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