The overall favourite toy in 0ur house is Penguin, otherwise known as Penguino or Gweenie. He is a TY Beanie, much loved, slightly grubby and he has a squished beak!

Penguin has been in the family for 4yrs, he belonged to C’s cousin (M) first, he was so loved that we bought M a second one in case of emergencies. We now have 3, one for C, one for LissyLou and one at grandma and grandad’s house, they all have squished beaks from being chomped on by teething babies!

Penguin has his own song and dance. he is good for cuddling, chewing and throwing! I’ve never known a toy that has been so loved by such different children, and for so long. Other toys come and go, we have different favourites depending on mood but they always go back to Penguin.

C reliably tells me “Mummy, I LOVE Penguin, he is my best friend!”


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