The Pourty Review

Before I start this review I just want to say thank you to Jon Rathbone the man behind Pourty for supplying me with a blue Pourty to test.

The blurb:

The Pourty potty is the brilliant new baby and child’s potty that makes potty training boys and girls easier.

The clever new Pourty potty has a wide flat seating area and is made out of a sturdy plastic, which boys and girls find more comfortable to sit on than standard potties. The Pourty potty’s unique pouring duct enables mum, dad or child to empty the unpleasant contents out of the back of the potty away from where the child sits or touches with no mess or dribbles.  Its features include:

  • Unique patent pending pouring duct making the Pourty potty more hygienic and easier to empty and clean
  • Handle at the front so that you pour contents out of the back of the potty away from where the child sits or touches
  • Sturdier plastic than other kid’s potties and wide base for extra stability
  • Larger and wider seating area than other kid’s potties for greater comfort for boys and girls
  • High splash guard.

The Pourty potty is ideal for potty training children from 12 months to 4 years’ old

What we thought: The Pourty arrived to shouts of delight from C, “My new potty, for wee wee!”. So it must have looked like a potty. Except the Pourty is not your average potty. Its unique pour feature is really clever, it makes getting rid of ‘the business’ much easier, more hygienic and quicker.

The Pourty is well made, the seat is wider than on a lot of potties I’ve seen, this was better for C, who won’t sit on a normal potty as they hurt his little bum.  Its available in 4 different colours, BLUE, CREAM, PINK and PURPLE so something for everyone.

The Pourty is also sturdy, with a normal potty C can tip them over getting on and off, you can imagine the consequences (YUK!). With the Pourty, this isn’t an issue, its wider seat makes it more stable and I tried to see if he would knock it over but even after getting on and off a number of times C didn’t even make it wobble.

The handle on the front makes carrying the Pourty easy and helps you to easily use  the prime feature the special pouring ‘duct’ or as C calls it the slide!  I filled the potty with water to test out this function, well you never know with new products how they will fair, if you will use them ‘correctly’ or actually if they are any good. The Pourty passed all my attempts to splash the contents everywhere, it poured cleanly and accurately into the loo. I tried pouring at awkward angles (as you might do in a hurry) and it stood up to the test, the duct channelled all but the tiniest drip straight down the way it was supposed too. I was impressed!

Often, you see a new product on the market and think to yourself is that the sort of invention that didn’t need inventing? Not the Pourty, I don’t think I would have realised its greatness had I not tried it but now I can’t see why no-one has thought of this before!

The Pourty retails at £9.99, not bad when you consider that a normal potty cost me £6.99 from a well-known retailer. C won’t even use that one! Its won a few awards to date and is now stocked by some very big retailers, click here to buy online  Pourty Easy-to-Pour Potty (Blue)

            (Photos taken by me, C has his nappy on to maintain his dignity and yes, he did                  rather fancy it as a ‘Pirate hat’!)

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