‘Boot Tetris’

Why is that when you have children you lose all ability to pack ‘light’? I used to be one of those women who could pack at a few minutes notice and be off. We quite often would decide on a Friday that we were heading off for the weekend and that was it!

Today packing for a short break with the family, R and I played what I like to call ‘Boot Tetris’. The aim of the game is to fill the car full to bursting with all the paraphernalia humanly possible! So we load item after item, looking at gaps and guessing what fits where, its a skill I’ll tell you!

We have a people carrier and it has a very big capacity boot, even with this we managed to fill the boot, both rear footwells, the middle seat and C’s big pram (Mamas And Papas 03 Sport) had to go in Grandma and Grandad’s car! You’d think we were going away for at least a month but no, 4 nights. We haven’t brought anything silly, we have 2 prams, one carrycot for LissyLou to sleep in and its stand, bedding for said carrycot, towels and swimming things (x4), small bag of clothes for each of us, one Bumbo, one carrier of toys, one Pourty, large carrier of food/drink, steriliser, bowls and plates for the children, portable booster high chair, changing bag, two packs of nappies, three packs of wipes, thats all I can remember but definitely not all we have brought!  But what do you do? I decided not to bring the travel cot for LissyLou to play in during the day and we didn’t bring as many toys as C NEEDED!

When did this become the norm? The amount of stuff we trog around since having LissyLou is only marginally more than we took when C was a baby! How can little people require so much stuff?

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