A good day!

C and LissyLou continue to amaze me every day. They are so precious, they fill my life with so much meaning and utter amazement and wonder that I could have made such wonderful children. Today we went swimming, C has been before a handful of times but LissyLou has never been.

C has a bit of a fear of water, the bath etc and frequently will refuse to have a bath. I can only put it down to either hating having his hair washed or having had a few ‘accidents’ in the bath. Which ever, its not good. Luckily recently it has been better, at one point he would scream blue murder if you so much as mentioned it!  Today, he went into the pool with Daddy, he wrapped his arms round Daddy’s neck like a koala bear and showed no signs of letting go. After a little while he relaxed and started showing signs of actually enjoying himself.

LissyLou loves water, bath time is met with smiles and giggles, she loves having her hair washed! So I started into the pool, my only worry was that she would be cold but she immediately LOVED it! We put her into one of those swim chairs and she was very content, so content in fact that she fell asleep in it in the pool!

C had a ball, he went from the main pool to the toddler pools a few times, went down the slides and asked to swim without being held (and did a pretty good job!).

He has been such a good boy today, no tantrums, no shouting, no spoilt behaviour. He has been a joy to take out, we went for a walk after tea and to the adventure playground and he played beautifully, we went on a massive swing together and laughter our heads off pretending to be “birds that fly high in the sky!”

LissyLou as always has been an angel. She is a really chilled out, peaceful baby, she is really coming into her own now, its so brilliant to watch.



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