Fun in the sun

So Sunday was our fun in the sun day! We decided to make the most of the scorching weather to go to a little village in Lancashire (Uppermill) for a wander round and have some lunch.

Its a lovely drive out to the village and we had to have the air-con on full blast in the car as it was so warm. C decided that the park looked very enticing but after a go on the slide the grass was calling him so he took Grandad and Daddy to play football for a while.




LissyLou stayed in the with Mummy and Grandma, we got one photo before we had to move into the full shade!

The sun was very fierce though so we went in search of some shade and lunch. We went to ‘Fancy A Brew’ and enjoyed sandwiches and a choice of 27 different teas! C liked the toys in the conservatory.

Then we called into ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ for milkshakes and cupcakes (well C and I shared a bottle of water as we were full from lunch) but the reports on the milkshakes were very good, not bad prices and apparently very tasty and filling! I’m told the cupcakes were ok, lots of yummy frosting but the underneath cake was a little dry. But absolutely lovely little vintage themed shop that sells its cupcakes beautifully wrapped as gifts and also hires out its china for functions. It sold some gorgeous little kitsch knickknacks too!

Then it was back to Grandma and Grandads for a quick run around their garden and then home to watch the Grand Prix! Boring race after Canada’s excitement though. Never the less a lovely day and with more sun on the way today think that our garden is calling!!

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