The SnoozeShade Review

Before I start this review I just want to say thank you to Cara Sayer for supplying our SnoozeShade to review.

The blurb:

  • Tired of pegging muslins or draping blankets over your buggy to encourage baby to nod off or stay asleep?
  • Frustrated when baby can’t switch off – is there too much going on for baby to fall asleep?
  • Need to maintain your child’s sleep schedule even when you are away from home?
  • Want to encourage good sleeping habits and better napping when baby is out?
  • Want something that works for babies and toddlers alike which fits your pram and pushchair?
  • Annoyed that the sun or other distractions stop baby from sleeping?

SnoozeShade Original, the UK’s first universal blackout buggy blind, can help Read More

What we thought: I love the idea of the SnoozeShade, so often I have been out and about with one or both the children asleep in their prams exposed to bright sunlight and struggled with the parasol to try and keep the sun off their faces. I have spent hours moving parasols from side to side, up and down etc trying to get some shade and in the end giving up!

The SnoozeShade is pretty big, I can use it on all my single prams (M&P 03 Sport, Silver Cross Halo, Quinny Zapp and my M&P car seat on the MPX chassis). It is very easy to attach as the velcro fixing straps can just go round any part of the pram that you choose, and if they are too long you can wrap them around twice to pull the material tight.

I’ve played around with the shade on the M&P car seat on chassis and you can

have it fully cover the seat like this…..

or use it to extend the canopy like this…..

(you can buy a specific shade for car seats but I like that this was transfer onto any of the prams I use!)

R didn’t like not being able to see LissyLou when the SnoozeShade was on fully (externally the material is very dark, internally you can see through the material vaguely, so they can make out shapes etc and its not scary!), but by using it to extend the canopy it allowed us to see her, obviously this is more when worried about sun protection than sleep.  When the SnoozeShade is in use it does have a zip that you can use to peep at your little one, which I really liked as it didn’t disturb LissyLou but gave me peace of mind

It works brilliantly on my Quinny, although you can only fix it on couple of places on the frame due to the way the seat attaches with the Quinny but it gives really good protection!

I like the SnoozeShade, it is versatile, easy to use and most importantly going to protect the children from the sun and let them sleep when out and about. C will only have it on once he drops off though as he wants to see what’s going on but it actually helped LissyLou fall asleep when she was tired. I’m going to vote the SnoozeShade as a must have product for summer!!

SnoozeShade starts at £19.99 and are available through their online storeAmazon, Boots, John Lewis and to name a few.

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