Waterwipes Review

Thanks to Irish Breeze for supplying me with some DermaH20 Waterwipes to try

image of dermah2o pack

The Blurb:

DermaH20 WaterWipes are revolutionary new baby wipes, unlike any other on the market. Preservative-free, they are kind to your baby’s skin and help avoid nappy rash.

These pure baby wipes offer all the benefits of cotton wool and cooled boiled water, as recommended by midwives worldwide, in a handy, keep-moist re-sealable packs

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What we thought: The wipes feel different to my usual brand and have a very faint fragrance. The wipes are really gentle, I was happy to use them on both children’s sensitive skin and they were so nice that I used them to remove my makeup too. They don’t leave any residue on the skin, you know that kind of almost greasy feeling some wipes do? Well not these, they work too, removing even the toughest nappy contents and food residues from little hands and faces, and boy was C the right child to try that on! If there is mess to be made then he will make it!

The downside? They are more expensive than the leading brands the RRP is £3.99 but I found them online for £2.99, there is the other problem, they are available in some chemists. (you have to call the hotline for stockists!) You can buy them online but picking them up in your local corner shop isn’t going to be an option.

They would be great for using with new babies (instead of cotton wool and water) or if your children have very sensitive skin. Otherwise I think they are too expensive and too hard to obtain for most families.

If they can improve the number of retailers who stock them and therefore reduce the price then maybe they will be an option for more people.

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