What to cook for tea?

Does anyone else hit that food rut? The one where you realise you have been eating the same meals in a bit of a cycle for quite a while? We have hit that point where we need some inspiration, a renewal of old recipes or some new recipes?If anyone can suggest any easy to make meals then please let me know. Anything with chicken or mince is a safe bet!

Our evening meals have been the same Spanish Beef Stew, home made chicken kebabs, Spaghetti Bolognese, Crispy Chicken Fajitas……. But I’ve hit a bit of a wall, yes all these things are tasty, yes they are all quite easy but in all honesty they have become boring.

Its time to roll out some old recipes and try some new ones! So expect a raft of recipes over the next few days and weeks as I come up with some different dishes to make meal times a little bit more interesting! Hopefully if someone suggests a good recipe I can try it out and let you know what its like.

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