Coolfan Review

The Coolfan Review

Thank you to Mark Mainey for supplying us with a Coolfan to test and review. We asked for the Milo (a name very close to our hearts) but you can also choose from the lovely Izzy, Dixie and AXIL. We were very excited to review the Coolfan


The blurb:

The Coolfan was designed by a dad who got fed-up standing outside blowing on his impatient daughter’s food.

An award winning funky fan that cools food quickly and hygenically.

What we thought: The Coolfan had been sat at the Royal Mail depot over the weekend and so R went to pick it up yesterday but seeing as he didn’t get home until about 7.30pm it was too late to test it out. So, C got a ‘big’ dinner today, normally he has a sandwich for lunch but today he chose chicken dippers, chips and beans, all of which normally cause real problems in our house. C and I stand over his food blowing frantically for about 10 minutes until it cools enough for him to eat, all the while he shouts at me that he is hungry! So if the Coolfan is any good I will officially bow down to Mark and the Coolfans team! This is one product that I really really really need to be good.

So, I cooked the lunch….

Put C in his chair, and this is the response……

It’s HOT HOT HOT!!!!

So I produced the Coolfan and popped it under his plate….

What’s this mum?????

He LOVED it…..

and IT WORKS! Woo hoo! The food cooled really quickly and evenly, it was truly amazing. The Coolfan works over all our different bowls and plates, it detaches easily from the frame for a clean up after grubby little paws have touched it and it will be easy to take with us when we go out to eat. It includes 2x AAA batteries so its ready to go straight away, you can get under the fan to stir bowls of food to make sure it is all cooled and little hands can still get underneath to eat. The blades are actually made of soft foam so they don’t hurt if little fingers get too inquisitive!

The Coolfan retails at £9.99 plus £2.95 posting and packaging. I seriously suggest you buy this product, its a life saver for all those parents out there who struggle to cool children’s food quickly, safely and hygenically!! Very highly recommended!

I bow down to you Mark, you are a GENIUS!!!!!!

10 thoughts on “Coolfan Review

  1. May have to look in to getting one of these. We always end up placing Abi’s dinner on the windowsill outside for it to cool and she does get VERY impatient!
    What an fantastic idea, why didn’t we think of it?! x

  2. omg that looks and sounds fab!!!! maybe a future purchase of ours!!!! nothing worse than a hungry toddler and then a dizzy mummy from all the blowing on his food which surely cant be very hygenic lol

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