Toddler who knows his own mind

C is a toddler who knows his own mind! At least he thinks he does….

Recently he has definitely been trying to assert his independence, whether its by telling me not to help him up and down the stairs, not to peel his fruit for him, not to help with his shoes etc. In total contrast he insists he cannot carry his own bowl from the kitchen to the front room!

Almost everything you want him to do he does the opposite, when you want him to walk he’d prefer his pram, when you want him in the pram, he’d rather walk. If you want him to have a nap then no way, if you need him to stay awake he will definitely fall asleep. Do you get the picture?

Even though we correct him when he says it he tells me he “Can’t like …. Mummy” So far today he can’t like Mickey Mouse (one of his favourites), toast, banana or the fridge?!?! This is often accompanied by fists clenched and what I can only describe as the Tim Henman arm but with more aggression!

On the up side, today he has decided that “I love you Mummy, I need lots of cuddles”, I have to put down everything I’m holding, or stop whatever I’m doing and just hug him. Even as I type this he has his hand on my arm just in case I’ve forgotten about him! Secretly I love that he still needs me I know it won’t be long before he is too cool for cuddles…………………….

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