Brother Max Review

The lovely folks over at Brother Max sent us some weaning products to test. The Easy-Hold Weaning Bowl Set and the Catch&Fold Bibs.

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The Blurb:

Home and Travel weaning bowl

  •  because little ones like to grab the bowl when you’re holding it, our bowl has an easy to hold handle that allows your hand to pass through and wrap around the bowl for stability and support
  • because little ones also like to grab the bowl from the table, our bowl can be fixed to the table or high chair, yet easily removed
  • because dirty cutlery soils travel bags, our spoons store inside the bowl’s lid
  • because it’s so easy to over-heat food, our spoons change colour if the food is too hot
  • because food can splatter everywhere when being heated, our lid is vented to allow microwaving with the lid on
  • because spoons often end up on the floor, we’ve included two

3 Combi bibs

  •  because nobody likes a messy bag, our cotton top rolls up inside our crumb catcher, along with cutlery
  • because soft cotton tops are best for comfort, and plastic ones are best for catching crumbs, ours combine the two
  • because nobody has met a child who only uses one bib a day, there are three tops in the pack
  • because we all want an easier life, our cotton top is washing machine and tumble drier friendly
  • because food and drink can seep through cotton bibs, ours is plastic-lined
What we thought:
Lets start with the bowl. This is a really good product, especially when you are out and about. The spoons fit neatly into a compartment in the lid, this keeps them from getting lost in the bottom of your changing bag, the only downside is that this also makes them small. I found them a bit fiddly, maybe I have big hands? But they are great for little hands so as soon as LissyLou is feeding herself they should come into their own.
The two separate compartments mean you can have sweet and savoury in the same place which cuts down on the amount of stuff you need to carry around with you and this cuts down on washing up – fantastic!
The inner orange bowl comes out too, which gives you a large bowl for use at home or for older babies or children when out and about.
It also comes with a suction base, which stuck to both my plastic high chair tray and our wooden dining table, that gave me a sturdy base to scrape the bowl out and try to get every last scrap out for my hungry little monster and would come in very handy when LissyLou is feeding herself. I can’t remember how many times C managed to tip his bowl on the floor by accident as he learnt to control his spoon properly!
The bowl retails at £6.00 (Mamas and Papas) which seems reasonable given its variety of functions and that includes 2 spoons.
Moving on to the bibs. I can’t quite get over how clever these bibs are! They work at two levels really. The soft cotton bibs are great for early weaning. They soak up the purees well and are shaped well for little necks. As LissyLou gets older I think the addition of the pelican bib will be great, The problem with normal pelican bibs is that I always thought they looked so uncomfy for the baby and you end up in the ladies when you are out rinsing it in the sink before you put it away. This bib stops that, you can easily roll the bibs and your spoons up inside its self for dealing with later. It also made it a neat little package for putting in your bag anyway as it tucked neatly into a side pocket.
The bibs retail at £7.14 (Boots), not bad for 3 bibs and the way this product works it should last right through to toddlerhood!
Great products from a forwarding thinking company. Check out their website, they have some very interesting things on there………


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