Our 1st Plaster!!

I can’t believe it but we have made it to just shy of 27months before C has needed a plaster! He fell a few days ago and grazed his arm. It was a minor injury.

Today, he started to pick the scab, typical boy! Sure enough it started to bleed, enough that he had a small trickle of blood running down his arm. Fearing blood stained carpets and furniture I put a plaster on it. I think you could maybe have heard his screams of terror about a mile away! I don’t know quite why he was so upset but he could barely talk. All we could understand through the tears was that he had something on his arm and in all honesty it probably hurt a bit too!

To try and ease the situation we put a plaster on Teddy, didn’t really help because now he was sad for Teddy too!!

Think we may need to invest in some of those funky little children’s plasters for future. But what to choose…….

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