Terrible Teething Time!

I hate teething! Its the worst! I hated it with C, I think I hate it more with LissyLou. She is miserable, she wants to chew everything and anything, she is constantly soaking wet from the gallons of dribble and at this point I am looking for a miracle cure!

I don’t know where to start really, there are so many different products on the market, some are obvious, some not so. Very confusing!

We have been sent some products to try and you’ll see the reviews over the coming days…..


3 thoughts on “Terrible Teething Time!

  1. May I suggest, if she is old enough, to offer your baby a chunk of cucumber to gnaw on? I found this to work wonders with my little guy. Cucumber has anti-inflammatory properties, it’s cool and therefore soothing to sore gums. You have to supervise of course, in case she chews off a big piece. Just cut it at an angle, so she can easily “gum” it. Good luck!

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