My Favourite Pram!

I currently own 5 prams. Greedy? Well I suppose you might call it greedy but they all have their different uses and I do have a favourite pram

Mamas and Papas Ultima MPX – the most versatile travel system ever! We use this day to day with LissyLou, the car seat clicks straight onto the wheels and off you go. Now she is a bit bigger we use the carrycot on its stand as her bed. We have the toddler seat for when she is too big for her car seat.

(Just after C was born…..)

Mamas and Papas Pulse Twin – a light weight twin, umbrella fold so fits easily in even a small car boot. By far not the best twin on the market, but it does the job. To be honest we really don’t use it very much. Normally I have one in the pram and either LissyLou in her carrier or C on his reins.

Quinny Zapp – my tiny buggy, folds up really small so it will fit in the footwell in the car, great for if you have either a small car or lots of luggage. Great for towns and flat places does struggle on uneven terrain and doesn’t recline so not good if C falls asleep in it!

Silver Cross Halo – bought with the Ventura car seat to use in my VW Lupo (teeny tiny car!) as nothing else fitted in the boot (pre Zapp, when C was still too small for it). I like the Halo a lot, yes its only any good for using in towns or flat places, yes the handles not very nice and the footmuff doesn’t stay on, even after it went in to Silver Cross to see if it was faulty (apparently not) but it does NOT stay on, one little kick from C even as a baby and it would be trailing on the floor. But I love the fabric, I love the way it works and its a great size even for a toddler. I used it the other day and C was really happy in it.

Which leads me to my favourite pram……

We bought the Mamas and Papas 03 Sport because we needed something sturdy and good for walks. We were not disappointed. I wish we had bought it a lot sooner, it is FANTASTIC! Yes, it’s BIG, it doesn’t fold down small, it isn’t exactly pretty  and the rain cover doesn’t fold small enough to fit in the basket – oh I’m not exactly selling it am I? Well here’s what I do like….

  • The suspension and pneumatic wheels make even the most uneven ground a smooth ride, tackling lumps and bumps with ease, it is a dream to push
  • The adjustable handle means it can work for both me (5’8) and my husband (6’0) and neither of us get backache
  • The seat is wide, it easily accommodates C, for my LissyLou it is HUGE.
  • The hood provides great sun shade, so even on the hottest day they can get shelter from the sun, also works pretty well to keep the rain off my toddler who will not have a rain cover on.
  • It has a really easy to use recline system, I can use it one handed, a real bonus when usually I either have a toddler on reins or a baby in a front carrier as well as one in the pram. It can also stop in lots of different recline positions which means you can get it just right for snoozing, or cruizing
  • It is a travel system when used with the car seat, meaning I can transfer straight from car to chair without trouble, it clips easily to the frame without adaptors making it really adaptable.
  • The legrest can be put to different levels too so you can get a really comfy set up to suit your child, I like to put it up when C is asleep
  • It has a good basket that can be zipped shut for security, I can fit loads of shopping in and you can always unzip it fully to fit more in if needs be.
I use it with a Sheepskin Liner for added comfort, makes it lovely and snuggly and is warm in winter and cool in summer – RESULT
So there you go, my prams and my favourite! If money was no object I do covet the following pushchairs in no particular order……
  • Mamas and Papas Mylo (in raspberry just for LissyLou)
  • The Bugaboo Donkey (double – just too beautiful)
  • The Bugaboo Bee in Mizzoni print (Fashionista daaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhlllllliiiiiiinnnnnnngg)
  • The Stokke Xplory (for its quirky look)
I’m sure there are many many more beautiful pushchairs out there, these are just off the top of my head, now I just need to win the lottery, I’m sure its my turn soon……………………..

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