MAM Mini Cooler and Clip Review

Thanks to the folks at MAM for the Mini Cooler and Clip that they sent us to review.

As you know LissyLou is just entering ‘Terrible Teething Time’ and so we have been trying out all manner of teething objects to try and find things that work for her.

The blurb:

Baby’s first teeth are a whole new adventure. MAM designers have made things easier by developing a teether which cools as well as looking cool.

  • The innovative clip combination ensures that the teether cannot get lost.
  • Extra lightweight and simple to hold and grasp for small babies in particular.
  • Special cooled element enabling even very young babies to reach their molars.
What we thought:
I liked the Mini Cooler and Clip – no more sterilising every two minutes because the teether has fallen on the floor, or losing it on shopping trips. The light weight design meant that LissyLou could control the Mini Cooler easily and when she misses her mouth and hits herself in the face at least its not hard enough to do any damage.
The Mini Cooler is textured to make it lovely to chomp on, LissyLou loves rubbing the little nodules along her gums
The shape of the Mini Cooler means it fits nicely in little mouths without them being able to stick it in too far (cue the lovely gag – eurgh!) it also means they can reach all parts of the mouth so great for when their molars start to come!
C is suffering with his teeth too at the moment, he is just starting to get his final molars through so he has been stealing sneaky chomps when he thinks no one is looking!
Both children think that the Mini Cooler is 10X better when it is cold straight from the fridge, it makes it even better to chomp as it is cold as well as the texture, LissyLou in particular thinks this is fantastic, it reminds me of the Dentist!
The Mini Cooler and Clip retails at £5.10 and is available in 3 colours. We thought it was well priced for a teether and especially as it includes the Clip We love MAM and their products are very clever, take a visit to their website

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