When C met LissyLou

Its fair to say that when LissyLou was born C was not impressed. He was 21mths, he was used to it being just him, Mummy and Daddy. In fact given that I had been off work for 15weeks before she was born he was used to having me all to himself all day every day. Even when I was suffering with the SPD we could come up with silly things to do…..

We had talked to him all through the pregnancy about how he was going to be a BIG brother and that he would have a baby sister. I had LissyLou by csection so the first time C met her he was faced not only with a new baby but also with Mummy lying in a hospital bed. He was very unhappy with me and broke my heart by not wanting to come near me. LissyLou was treated with a good pinch of disdain and a measure of (dare I say it?) disgust.

Who was this invader? Why was she so small, noisy and annoying? And why was everyone so impressed by her? C couldn’t see anything good about her. In fact he asked us to take her back (no way she was going back, not after what I’d been through in my pregnancy!)

For about a week C was the most stressed I have ever seen him. The night I came home from hospital he didn’t want to go to bed, scared that if he did I might go away again. He barely looked at LissyLou, and if he did it was to scream “Put that baby down”, or “I don’t like that baby”. I felt like I had ruined our relationship. I was exhausted, in pain and stressed beyond belief.

Although things slowly got better, it was a long time before he really paid her any attention. He warmed to me again, but only if I wasn’t holding her. But bit by bit he got more interested, as she got older she was awake more and this made her infinitely more interesting. He started wanting to look at her, talk to her and hold her.

Now he wakes up every morning and asks “Mummy, where is my Lissy?”, and when he sees her his shouts of “Morning LissyLou” can be heard a mile away. He likes to play peek-a-boo at the edge of her bed and rolls around on the floor in laughter if she smiles at him.

He begs for me to put her on the floor so that they can play. Often he will sit on her tummy, creating shrieks of laughter from the pair of them as they play silly games, blow raspberries at each other and just stare! He reads her stories, shows her his toys (but heaven help her if she touches them!) and sings “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to her.

Its unbelievable how much these two love each other. They play together, laugh, smile and ‘talk’ to each other. I couldn’t have hoped for them to be better friends, I never dreamed they would get on so well! I hope it lasts all their lives…………….


2 thoughts on “When C met LissyLou

  1. What a beautiful post, it must have been really hard to see your little boy struggle to come to terms with the change in family dynamics. I’m glad that he is friends with his sister now.

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