Tractors a plenty and a giant rabbit – The Great Yorkshire Show

Today’s family outing was a trip to the Great Yorkshire Show. R and I have been before but today was a first for C and LissyLou. I knew C would love it, he has a major thing about Tractors/Diggers/Work vehicles, loves animals and all this in a great big field – perfect.






The downside was having to get up and out of the house for 6am to avoid the traffic! Two very tired children were bundled into the car and off we went. But a nice easy drive (with a crafty stop for Costa Coffee to perk me and R up!) later and we arrived.

The upside of arriving at the show at 7am was that we could look round before it got busy, a real bonus with a little man on his reins wanting to see everything. C was a little grumpy due to the lack of sleep but soon got excited to see cows and then ………………….. “A TRACTOR!!!!!!”








(Looks baking hot doesn’t it? At this point it was only 7.30am and believe me it wasn’t that warm!)



There were lots and lots and lots of tractors. We liked the Help For Heroes One – great cause




and as always John Deere are a particular favourite with C and Daddy! But we spotted this one and C liked it because it had “BIG RED WHEELS MUMMY”

We set up our picnic blanket for a quick picnic lunch………….






and thats when we saw ” a big giant rabbit, hop hop hop”

Overall we had a great time, lovely sunshine, lovely food to try and my lovely little family = one happy mummy!


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