Poor LissyLou

Poor LissyLou is suffering today. Its hot, she’s teething and she is one grumpy little girl!

We have tried everything that usually works to cheer her up…….

  • singing “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”
  • giving her the Teething Bling Pendant to play with and chomp on – she got cross because she kept dropping it 
  • encouraging her to chomp on her MAM Mini Cooler and Clip, instead she hit herself on the nose, which wouldn’t normally be an issue but today was the end of the world
  • dancing – made her scowl
  • tickling – brought the merest hint of a smile but it disappeared as soon as it arrived
  • getting C to smile at her and laugh – she stopped crying for a few seconds but then started crying again 
Nothing is working! Even her dinner didn’t cheer her up!
Hoping that this afternoon gets a bit better!

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