Exercise for Under 5’s

So this week government health experts issued advice to parents on exercise for children under five.In their report they recommended that young children should be allowed to move around or be physically active for at least three hours every day.

The report said that all under-fives should spend as little time as possible being restrained in car seats or pushchairs, or sitting still except when they are sleeping.

There is growing concern over children who do not exercise enough, which can be linked to obesity and brain development.

How many under 5’s actually spend much time sitting still?  C is constantly stood up, running around or rolling round on the floor. I can’t get him to sit still most of the time. He loves to be in the garden playing football, or bopping around in front of the TV. Even when he lays on the couch he will be kicking his legs or jumping or up and down to get different toys etc. He eats like a horse but is very healthy and slim, because he is always on the go.

In fact I often find it really hard to get good photos of C he moves that much!






I think the government have targeted the wrong age group here. I think that we should worry more about children who go to school, and apart from PE once a week get no other physical activity. There are many more children aged 5 and above who we should worry about than the under 5’s surely?

I have been watching debates about this over the last few days and I’m pleased to say that most people seem to be saying the same things I am. Unfortunately, the children the government refer to in these guidelines are the same ones whose parents will either not see the guidelines or not act upon them….


3 thoughts on “Exercise for Under 5’s

  1. My thoughts entirely. When I first heard about this I just thought the Gov had got it so wrong. I don’t know many toddlers that will stay still for longer than five minutes, mine certainly won’t! x

  2. I think you’re right, another pointless government report! Toddlers are mostly very active, I see far more overweight school children!

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