Preparing to move LissyLou into her own bedroom (GULP)

Well, I’ve decided its getting to that time when we need to move LissyLou into her own room. I say this with some hesitation.

She is 5.5mths old, so realistically its probably the right time to do it. She sleeps through, she doesn’t need to be right next to my bed any more. But it marks the end of a chapter, it means she isn’t my tiny baby anymore…

Her room is our box room, its tiny but perfect for a baby. However, it is full of all the things we have nowhere else to store, or haven’t used for a while. So we need to really get a wriggle on and clean it out, some of it probably needs to be chucked, some needs to go up the loft and some to be given away or sold. Just need to get started!

Then the fun stuff can begin, like buying curtains (difficult as the room has one long narrow window) and pretty things and turning it into a proper girlie room!  We already have a beautiful quilt for her that my mum bought so need to try and tie in with that too…..

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