The Wonderful World Of Weaning – Homemade V. Shop Bought

So if you have been reading my ramblings recently you will know that I have talked about homemade baby food and shop bought baby food. If not, take a look at those posts first to put this one into context.

So I have split this debate into sections to see which comes out on top!

Firstly, Price:

Homemade – Firstly you need some method of pureeing the food so a blender or similar, then you need storage pots, then of course its the ingredients. The blender comes in for other things like sauces and you may already have one in your kitchen. I bought a new one for weaning that cost me about £17, I got freezer storage pots for about £3 for 8 pots. To make a set of 8 pots costs literally pence for basic purees, even fancier more expensive ones will only cost about £2-£3 for 8 so its cheap.  I spend about £6 per week for 3 meals a day.

Shop Bought – With even basic jars of baby food costing around 60p and organic foods like we tried costing around £1, it is expensive. It would cost me around £16 per week for 3 meals a day using the organic foods.


Homemade – I spend about 30mins per week preparing purees, and then about 2mins heating them when I need to use them, I have them all ready to go in their little freezer pots and then just tip them in a bowl to feed once thawed.

Shop Bought – ready to go, I don’t heat them unless they have been stored in the fridge and then only to take the edge of them so they are quick


Homemade – I like experimenting with my purees adding different quanitities of fruit/vegetables until I get the flavour right. LissyLou loves purees and hasn’t turned her nose up at anything homemade yet. Her favourite homemade puree has been Carrot, Swede, Sweet Potato and Potato, although she is also partial to Sweet Potato, Broccoli and Pea.

Shop Bought – The organic purees are really good now, they offer tasty combinations and nice consistencies, the fruit ones in particular taste amazing, as we said before we loved the HIPP fruit purees and the Organix vegetable ones.


I can’t be swayed from homemade foods for everyday. I find them easy to make, I like knowing exactly what has gone into them and I like the price! I also like the opportunity as babies get older to just puree what we are eating for convenience and to introduce exciting new flavours.

However, for going out and about, emergencies and immediate food shop bought has its purpose, and its place.  I don’t fault people who use them all the time after seeing the quality of these products now. Its amazing what you can buy!


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