Unleashing the actor within

So C has unleashed his inner showoff  actor over the past through days. Everything is overacted, over dramatised and over sensationalized.

The other day he climbed onto the back of the sofa so he could watch himself in the mirror and one arm goes out to the side (palm raised) “I never get treats”, other arm goes up “I never get cuddles”, both hand go onto his hips “humfp!”. This was repeated about 5 times before he was satisfied! Forget the fact that he often gets treats and often refuses to have cuddles!!

He regularly uses the hearth as a stage and will shout “Hellooooooooooooo down there” repeatedly until you reply “Helloooooo”

He has decided that he is a magician and comes up to me and says “And for my next trick mummy…….” He also tries to pull coins from behind my ear.

The latest one was his very accusing “Mummy, you took my trousers off and Daddy you took my shirt off and now I’m freezing cold” accompanied by accusing pointing and very dramatic shivering. This from the child who would very happily spend all day every day naked!

The local drama school takes children from age 3, I think it might be time to put his name down!!!!!



6 thoughts on “Unleashing the actor within

  1. This all sounds very familiar to me. I guess it’s quite nice (even if exhausting) that they feel so uninhibited. x

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  3. I love this post ! I also love 3 year olds ability to turn on their inner acting diva ! Kitty usually rolls into bed at the end of the day with hand to forehead in a swoon type pose to announce”I am very tired tired now mummy so read to me please – it’s been a busy old day” ! What a fun age to be 🙂

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