I miss my pre-baby life the extended version..

I miss my pre-baby life! Not every day,not even once a week,but sometimes, just sometimes, I miss my pre-baby life.

I miss jetting off for the weekend,just the two of us,two people with two small bags,visiting great places,experiencing the culture and nightlife of somewhere different. Places like Bruges,Edinburgh or London. I miss that just drop everything and go kind of attitude where we had no-one to worry about but ourselves.



I miss doing anything quickly,like just ‘popping to the shop’ or making a meal,or putting a load of washing on. Nothing is done quickly with a toddler racing round and a small baby to look after.

clip_image010I miss going out to eat,without considering if the place will be child friendly,or if my little man is in the mood to sit nicely. Not worrying about how long the food will take,or wishing with every fibre of my being that they will HURRY up so the torture of keeping said little man occupied while we eat will be over soon, and when the food arrives you will spend 10minutes trying to calm said toddler down as the food is too hot (because we have forgotten to pack our Coolfan in the massive changing bag)

I miss being able to eat anything without it going cold,or being prodded or stolen by little toddler fingers, or having to eat after everyone else just so that R can eat his evening meal in piece after a long day at work

I miss being able to spend time getting ready to go places,not a hair out of place,make up on,clothes without dribble or sticky finger marks. Being able to wash, dry and straighten my hair without having to plan it carefully into our schedules, normally late at night so that we can go places!

I miss grown up activities,like going for drinks with friends or shopping trips where I can actually try on clothes,or enjoying a leisurely lunch.

I miss my life pre-baby,not that I’d change anything about my children,they are brilliant. They are not always well behaved,they do drive me crazy from time to time,but they bring me so much happiness and so much laughter.

I love how silly my toddler is, with his dramatic attitude to life and his little ‘plays’ that he does now during the day, the shouts of “SOMETHING ELSE MUMMY” when he is watching TV and he decides that the programme he is watching is just not good enough.

I love watching them both learn new skills,watching them grow and seeing their faces when they experience something new. I love tucking them in at night,kissing their little heads and tucking them in tightly,saying “night night,sleep tight,don’t let the bed bugs bite,I love you very much and I’ll see you in the…..” and my lovely little boy finishing off the saying by whispering “morning” and waving me out of his room!



Yes,I miss my pre-baby life…………………. but I wouldn’t change this post-baby life for the world.


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