Vintage – The Gallery

Tara who writes over at StickyFingers holds a weekly blog share called the Gallery. This week she chose the topic Vintage.

I have been thinking about this topic for a few days now and had finally decided on my item, only for Tara herself to be showing the exact same thing! I hope she won’t mind that I wanted to show my Great Aunts Pearls…

My mum was left these beautiful pearls by her Aunt, I love the three rows of tiny pearls, and the old cases, slightly worn but obviously loved, if jewellery holds memories I can only wonder what memories this necklace holds


Until my mum very kindly lent them to me for my wedding day, back in 2006. I got married abroad and so didn’t do all the usual traditions (you know something old, something new etc), but I loved the fact that I was wearing something with real meaning. I also wore R’s grandmothers pearl ring, they felt so right together, like history was surrounding me and supporting me. I like to think I added my own memories to the pearls that day, and that one day LissyLou will add her memories to them too.

This is me with my beautiful sisters on my wedding day at Cypress Grove, Orlando, we all look so young!

Me and my sisters last year! (Hope my middle sister doesn’t kill me for this photo – she hates having her picture taken, hence hiding behind her hair!)

5 thoughts on “Vintage – The Gallery

  1. A beautiful necklace and love the way the pearls have been shared and worn on so many special occasions – as you say, ‘if they could talk’ – they must hold so much love and happy memories.

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