Cars2 The Game XBOX 360 – review

We were sent a copy of  Cars2 The Game for XBOX 360 to review. It’s a new game (release date 22/07/2011) to accompany the brand new Cars2 film.

~ Race as your favourite Cars characters and take on International Spy themed adventures on major platforms including Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC and DS ~

Jump into the action packed Cars universe this summer, with the release of Cars 2: the Video Game on July 22 2011. Inspired by the upcoming DisneyPixar animated film, the game is packed with an array of beloved Cars characters competing in top secret spy adventures in exotic locations around the globe.

With single or multiplayer modes for up to four players, get competitive with family and friends to unlock challenging new tracks and take on exciting missions in the battle to be the best racer in the world.

The game introduces the international training centre for CHROME (Command Headquarters for Recon Operations and Motorized Espionage), where you will be put through your rigours to become a world class spy.

Children and big kids alike will go wild over the 25 different characters, including old favourites Mater and Lightening McQueen and the new yet instantly loveable Fin McMissile and Holley Shiftwell. Join the gang and take part in simulated hazardous missions using high-tech gadgets to tackle your opponents.

The game will also feature connectivity with World of Cars Online – a free-to-play browser based virtual world based on the DisneyPixar Cars universe. Players can discover an exciting world beyond Radiator Springs as they gain rewards in the game and use them to unlock new items in the World of Cars Online.

Put yourself in the driving seat this summer and perform manoeuvres only Cars characters can do when Cars 2: the Video Game hits the shops on Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and DS on July 22nd

What we thought:

Firstly, we love Cars, its one of our favourite movies, C is a massive Mater and Lightning McQueen fan so we were excited to receive a sneak preview of the game to try out and review!

Aimed at children from age 7 I was unsure how it would work for us, given that C is so young. It didn’t matter, he was more than happy to watch me having a go and even helped me by holding down the ‘GO’ button to make the cars drive.

It starts off really simply by getting you used to each of the functions with short test tracks. This meant that even I could quickly do all the moves and C loved shouting at the cars telling them what to do (he quickly learned that they needed to jump over the obstacles and slide round the corners (too cute)). As you get into the game the tracks get harder and require more skills, you can also earn badges and crests. Then there are the 8 different modes to choose from, things like ‘Race Mode’, ‘Battle Race Mode’ and ‘Disruptor Mode’, each allowing greater play options and making the game great for both single players and up to 4 people to play at once. I can see this being a great family activity on rainy days as you race each other or work as a team.

If you take a look at this video you get some idea of the setup (apologies now for the quality but wanted you to get a feel for how quickly you can get through the training and onto the races!)

The graphics were really good, the different cars stood out well and they were programmed to behave just like they do in the film, in fact I think C thought he was watching a film!  The best thing about it was the wide choice of characters and the options within the game that should make it playable on an ongoing basis as once you have completed the main races section you still have all the multi-player options and different modes to work at. As the game goes on it does involve some guns/explosion, as a spy game might, this might put some parents off, please bear this in mind.

I think if you have a little one aged 6-10 they will absolutely love this game, but younger ones might like to have a try and older ones will definitely be having a sneaky go too!

You can buy Cars2 the game from all big retailers, its RRP is £34.99.

I’m even more excited to see the film now!


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