The bedroom project

So I have officially started the bedroom project.

As I said previously LissyLou is nearly ready to move into her own room, not least because she is nearly too big for her carrycot now and she needs the space of a real cot, but also as she is almost 6mths and she sleeps through the night (well most of the time!), she doesn’t need to be right by my side anymore (*sob*)

Our boxroom, soon to be known as LissyLou’s room, is painted bright yellow, we chose the colour when we had just found out I was pregnant with C, I think R decided to decorate the nursery to try and make the pregnancy real. As it is such a tiny room I decided on a really bright, light colour to try and make it look bigger (didn’t work, its still a really tiny room!).

But now its going to be a little girls room I need to make it look really special. C’s room has Lightning McQueen and Doc Hudson on the wall.

(Please ignore Minnie Mouse, she is waiting to go into LissyLou’s new room!)

So I mentioned before that I needed curtains, well I haven’t been able to find the ones I had in my mind so I’ve compromised and bought some that I can embellish to make them work, so imagine piles of beads and sequins and me stabbing myself in the finger as I try and sew the darn things on!

The overall look I have in my head is sort of shabby chic/vintage fabrics and a girly look, not sure how it will work in reality. I’ll keep you updated on how things go!



2 thoughts on “The bedroom project

  1. Good luck! We did the boys rooms over the Christmas holidays and actually, rather than it being hard work, it was nice to escape for an afternoon to slap some paint around while my husband looked after the kids.

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