Estelle and Thild Skincare Review

I was sent some Estelle and Thild Skincare products to review.

The Eco-Organic Swedish skincare brand is regarded as one of the most effective Certified Organic ranges in Scandinavia. The organic, fragrance free selection contains neroli, bergamot, rose otto oil, and the Baby & child range is mild enough for the most sensitive baby skin. Estelle & Thild is now opening its doors to the rest of the world, and launch its unique products range exclusively at the Urban Retreat at Harrods and for ultimate ease, online at

Estelle & Thild’s best-selling certified organic skincare range from Sweden has taken Scandinavia by storm thanks to their unique, gentle and effective formulas that can even be used on the most sensitive of skin. Estelle & Thild’s vast product range have been developed in consultation with dermatologists and toxicologists, they are based on vitamin-rich oils and plant extracts that are good for skin vitality. The Ecocert seal of approval represents Estelle & Thild’s Organic and Eco-friendly content, ingredients and materials. This adorable range is suitable during pregnancy and to nourish young and old skin.

The children got to test the Baby and Child Body Lotion…….

A softening baby lotion based on organic almond oil, rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E. Also contains nutritious organic shea butter, sesame oil and virgin sunflower oil to protect and strengthen the skin. Organic pot marigold and aloe vera have a soothing effect on sensitive skin. 100% scent-free. 200 ml.

I got to try the Rose Otto (Age Prevent) Facial Serum……..

A certified organic advanced serum with the purest and most exclusive extracts and oils, loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Contains melon fruit extract rich in vitamin A, B and C. Powerful antioxidants from black currant and pine bark protects against oxidative damage and premature ageing. 30 ml.

What we thought:

The Baby and Child Body Lotion is fragrance free and gentle, so I was happy to use it on both children. A little bit goes a long way,  which is good because a 200ml bottle has an RRP of £20.00 It sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave any sticky/greasy residue. But for me this is a bit expensive for a child’s body lotion, I will stick to my usual children’s body lotion as we go through gallons of the stuff!

The Rose Otto (Age Prevent) Facial Serum is just luscious. From the first night I used it on my skin I felt a real difference, my skin felt smooth and tightened. In the mirror the difference was clear, my face looked brighter and more toned. It smells lovely and smooths over your skin like silk. I love the serum its a little miracle in a bottle. At £46.00 for 30ml it is expensive, definitely what I would call a luxury item.

Estelle and Thild are comparable with the big name luxury beauty brands in terms of quality and price so if you are prepared to spend more on your skincare then you will find something within the wide range to suit you.


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