Tinga Tinga Tales Monkey Drum Review

We were sent a Tinga Tinga Tales Monkey Drum  to review. Based on the popular CBeebies cartoon, this new toy range features musical instruments and bath toys.


Get your little one to create their own Tinga Tinga Tales music with new Tinga Tinga Tales musical instruments. Shake the Lion Tambourine or bang on the Monkey Drum and see what sounds your toddler can make!

Available from Bandai.co.uk RRP £5.49

What C thought:

C was excited by the look of the monkey drum before it even got out of the box, he new immediately it was a character from Tinga Tinga Tales and we were soon singing the theme tune while I quickly photographed it and then opened the box. C’s little toddler fingers were desparate to get his hands on the toy and quickly started shaking it and dancing round the room shouting “Muuuuummmmmmyyyy, sing Tinga Tinga AGAIN!”, so I had to sing the theme tune about 6 times before he got fed up of my singing (how he lasted that long I will never know!)

C decided that the drum also reminded him of a magnifying glass and he proceeded to walk round looking through it and commenting on any crumbs on the carpet (all made by him I might add – I think more of his food ends up on the floor than in his belly but that is a different story)

Lets face it, when I knew we were expecting a drum I was expecting a noisy toy, it is a noisy toy. It would be a great toy to keep at Grandma’s house, or for use in the garden. I think it probably has pretty limited play value but at an RRP of £5.49 I wouldn’t be too upset if he didn’t play with it very much.

You can buy the Tinga Tinga Tales Monkey Drum and the rest of the toys from Bandai


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