Precious Commodity

I love it when I get the chance for one on one time with my baby girl. When I had C we had alone time all day everyday but for LissyLou alone time with mummy is a very precious commodity.

C gets little pockets of time with me when LissyLou is napping but she doesn’t have that luxury as he doesn’t nap!

For me time to enjoy LissyLou for the wonderful baby she is, is so special. I love just watching her as she plays, or singing songs with actions, or dancing round the front room with her or just laying down on the floor next to her and staring into her big blue eyes. She is a lovely baby, very serious but she has a smile to light up any room and a giggle to melt the coldest of hearts, she is my little treasure.

Tomorrow we are sneaking out, leaving C with his Auntie Min-Min and heading into town by ourselves! Yes, I have to go to the dentist but apart from that it is mummy and LissyLou time. Hurray!


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