Halos N Horns Baby Bath Review

We were sent some Halos N Horns Baby Bath to test and review

Halos N Horns  – Skincare for Sensitive Souls

Halos N Horns is a lovely range of bath time productsfor little ones. All SLS andParaben free, Halos N Horns shampoos, body wash and toothpaste are safe and gentle for baby and children’s skin, making bath time fun!

We are very proud of Halos N Horns, our lovely range of bath time products for kids. We have put a lot of effort into making sure they are as safe to use as possible and have removed loads of unnecessary ingredients that can be found in many other products. We want to make sure you can enjoy bathing your children using gorgeous, fruity-smelling products without any niggling worries about what you’re putting on their skin – bliss!

What we thought:

The Halos N Horns Baby Bath smells delicious, all fruity and sweet.The whole house smelt yummy after bath time! I put it into LissyLou’s bath as C doesn’t like bubbles hiding his toys! It made a good lather and lots of lovely bubbles, and you only had to use a drop to get a nice amount. After her bath LissyLou’s skin felt very soft and smelt good enough to eat!

At £1.57 for 250ml its a good price too, I’ll be using this from now on instead of my usual brand!

For more information and stockists visit Halos and Horns website

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