Scoobits Review

We were asked to review Scoobits – the first ever collectable children’s scooter accessory.

At first I was hesitant as C doesn’t yet have a scooter (he’s only 27mths) but I was quickly reassured that Scoobits can be used on other toys, so C chose two Scoobits (the Dragon and the Shark) to test out.

Scoobits are the latest accessory craze to hit the school run this year. Scoobits are a unique range of cute, colourful characters that kids simply strap onto to their scooters making them their own. Scoobits personalise scooters, making them stand out from the crowd on the school run and in the playground.

 Appealing to both boys and girls aged three years and over, Scoobits are packed with kerbside credibility and personality. They feature a range of popular characters to collect, swap and trade. Scoobits simply attach to the scooter and hold firm thanks to its clever badge and strap design. Made from tough, durable 100% silicone, Scoobits do not contain UPVC and are safe, soft and squidgy for little fingers.

Scoobits are recommended from age 3 and up

What we thought:

The Scoobits arrived on a boring Saturday morning, C was really happy to receive a letter addressed just to him! He opened the packet with interest.

Straight away he decided that the Scoobits were watches and demanded that I help him put them on. He  kept them on for an hour, spending most of that time asking me to ask him what time it was.

Finally he let me test them on his motorbike, he was really impressed! He kept telling me they were “So cool Mummy”.

The great thing about the Scoobits is that they are designed to go on all types of toys, basically they will go on anything with a handle/stem/pole so scooters, bikes, trikes, car seats, bag handles……

As they are made of strong silicone there is nothing to hurt C, so no scratches, knocks, bumps or grazes – well not from the Scoobits anyway!

Scoobits cost £3.99 each, perfect pocket money type toys. With a range of different characters your little one will be spoilt for choice!

Why not enter our COMPETITION to win some Scoobits?


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