Biting the Bullet!

Ok, so today I am biting the bullet. I already told you about my mission but in order to make my mission real, and so that I really focus and get on with losing the baby bulge I need to bite the bullet. Inspired by the lovely Lauren over at The Wonderful Adventures Of Spud and Spike who wrote about her ‘Realisation’ and posted pictures of her before and after children, she was so brave that I felt I could be brave too.

For me being brave isn’t about taking a photo (although below is a couple of pics of my favourite ‘body’ and my current body)  but more about confessing that I am a serial dieter, my weight has been up and down so many times. And so, here comes the brave part. As of this morning, the 1st August 2011, I weigh 11st 13lbs. There I said it, its out there, I weigh 11st 13lbs. So now, if I feel like eating rubbish I know that I have to report back and tell the world that I cheated, maybe this time I will find the lifestyle change that will work for me!

Me at my best                                                                                                           Me now

After having C, I lost my weight pretty quickly and maintained at around 5lbs heavier than before I had him. When I fell pregnant with LissyLou I was determined not to put on any excess weight, to walk loads and be really healthy. Severe SPD saw off that notion and so not only was I extremely immobile, but I was also extremely fed up, and my best friend, good old food was a real comfort. So I piled on the pounds, and here I am, one mummy tummy later, feeling fed up! I fully expected to have a struggle this time round, but I secretly hoped that breastfeeding would help me to shift the tummy, but my love of food overtook the potential gains to leave me here.

Food has been my best friend for a very long time, I LOVE food, I love healthy food as well as naughty food. But naughty food talks to me, I can hear it tempting me and taunting me, it makes me happy and sad.

And why is it that once you make a conscious decision to eat better, and have smaller portions that you could happily eat everything in sight? It’s like I’m trying to sabotage myself before I even start!

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11 thoughts on “Biting the Bullet!

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have dieted most of my adult life and have found it much harder to lose my baby weight second time around. I’ve come to the conclusion that losing weight has almost everything to do with how you feel and very little to do with food. I find I comfort eat and had to get to the bottom of why before I could move on. My goal this year is to lose some of my baby weight without going on a diet. If you like reading books, this is a new way of looking at weight loss and worth a read. ‘Adore Yourself Slim’ by Lisa Jackson. Good luck.

  2. I hope the weight loss is going well….it’s much harder to lose it once the kids are around….I need to make more of a concious effort but I’m like you…I love food!

  3. You look great in both photos btw. I know what you mean about weight going up and down, it’s been like that for me too. I am with slimming world at the moment and I weigh a stone more than you! You will get there as long as you want to. Great post that sounds so familiar xx

  4. Good luck – I’ve been up and down a bit over the years. Thankfully, a way off my worse weight at the moment and I’ve been holding steady for a while. Hoping to lose some inches through more exercise from next month when H starts school.

  5. It is so difficult as I am sure if your like me, running about all the time you eat on the hoof and not always the best of choices (like in my case not one or two biscuits but a packet!), quick and easy.

    Your are so brave to face your food demons and I wish you lots of luck and encouragement. I hope it is progressing well. x

  6. You look great in both pictures! But I know exactly what you mean – you just don’t feel the same… I feel like that too – especially when I see a post-pregnancy picture. I found the food thing really difficult – and started on Thinking Slimmer (drop a dress size or two). I’ve not really lost much weight at all – BUT, I find it’s really helped with my eating habits – quantity, quality, everything. Good luck! Will be thinking of you while I battle my own baby-weight!

  7. I think it’s because you are making your every waking thought about what you should and shouldn’t eat and therefore you crave it more. It’s about changing your eating habits rather than dieting, says the woman who is significantly more heavy than you.

    • I know I focussed on weight but in reality weight is the poorest measure for me. I need to go by shape and size. So to be happy I want to lose the mummy tummy and get to a size 12. I’ve realised this week how inactive I am so I’m vowing to get out and about more!

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