The 127yr old wedding dress

Scanning the news today I came across a story about ‘The 127yr old wedding dress’. I read with interest about this dress handed down through a family, worn by great-grandmother, grandmother, aunt, mum and daughter, this dress symbolises all that is good about family, marriage and vintage.

It caught my imagination.! I don’t expect LissyLou to wear my wedding dress when/if she gets married either, but I keep it, wrapped in my wardrobe, just in case. I wore a pale gold, duchess satin dress, with beadwork and a big train, chances are it won’t be in fashion by the time she is old enough to get married. I remember the old tradition of turning a wedding dress into a christening gown, and love that the parents love is shared by the bringing of the child into their faith. We are not religious but I can appreciate the importance of this to those with faith. What could be more special than a wedding dress that was turned into a christening gown that was then handed down through the generations.

I love the idea of passing things through generations and them being used and loved by lots of people. I’ve talked before about the pearls I wore on my wedding day and hope that maybe one day LissyLou will have occasion to wear them too. I also have my grandma-in-laws pearl ring that I love will all my heart, it reminds me so much of such a lovely special lady, not my grandma by blood, but my grandma in every other way.

If things have memories, then I think that their legacies should be handed on, not because the things are valuable, but because they hold meaning, and memory and tradition. So often, family history is lost from generation to generation but if you have an item that belonged to someone I think it helps to keep a piece of history alive, by re-telling a story, occasion or event.

I might not leave my children pots of money, or acres of land, but along with everything I can give them, I hope that they will cherish the things that have been handed down so far, things that can’t be bought, but have value beyond measure.


4 thoughts on “The 127yr old wedding dress

  1. Wow, that’s a lovely story about the 127 year old wedding dress. It’s impressive that it hasn’t fallen apart! I wonder if my daughter will wear mine, I’m sure she’ll want her own but it’s nice to hang onto these things all the same.

  2. How sweet, I love the idea of passing things down my family line. However, don’t think my sons will want to wear my wedding dress ;O)

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