Birth of an obsession – The Gallery

The theme for this weeks gallery is Birth.

I thought long and hard over the term ‘birth’ and its many different meanings. Should I write about it literally? Wikipedia describes birth as “is the act or process of bearing or bringing forth offspring”so would I write about the birth of one of my childred?

Or should I write about the birth of this blog? How it has brought out an inner confidence that was lost and given me a way to express myself and the best scrapbook in the world? Finally it hit me, I have to tell you about the birth of an obsession.

The birth of this obsession started a long time ago with jealousy. Jealousy is a curious, dark thing, it gnaws at your insides and creates furrows in your heart that can be evil and strange. Of course my jealousy was that of a child, so not nearly as dark as it might have been but it was getting darker. An obsession was born, a tiny seed that would be nurtured and would grow and grow over years and years

Going out with my now husband further fuelled the obsession, he had been about 7 times to this magical place and talked about how amazing it was and how much I’d love it. My parents made it worse, they waited until I was 18 and had just started a new job before they chose to go. I stayed at home alone, sad and lonely and jealous. Finally, eventually, in September 2003 it was my turn. Florida was everything I hoped it would be. It was magical and I fell in love. From Disney to Sea World to Universal Studios, the restaurants, the shopping, for me it has it all.

The trip succeeded in fuelling my obsession to the heights of obsessionville. We had to go again! So we did in 2004, and not even getting stuck in Hurricane Jeanne, with the roof of the hotel ripped off and businesses closed up like they were derelict could dampen my feelings!

It wasn’t until 2006 that my obsession reached its main height. Not only did I get married there but I also discovered my favourite hotel. It’s a BIG, PINK castle. Right on the beach at St. Pete’s Beach. It is just everything that is right about hotels. Great location, amazing restaurant, private beach and cocktails by the pool – what’s not to like?

Since we got married we have been back once in 2007. Then came a year off and we were supposed to go in 2009, C came along and plans we shelved. Then LissyLou was born and so our plans are pushed back further….

Never mind, the obsession is on a slow-burner, its still there, it still grows……..

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