My labour of love

LissyLou’s new bedroom is becoming my labour of love.

Having searched high and low for curtains to fit her window, not finding any the right size, as she has one long narrow window, or the right style/material (vintage shabby chic) I was left with a few options:

1. Have some blackout curtains custom made (at huge expense)

2. Buy some blackout curtains in the fabric I wanted, to only use one (again at huge expense)

3. Buy some curtains and adapt them to suit what I wanted

I decided on option 3. I found a pair of curtains on ebay that were reasonable quality and would provide a base for me to work with. I then bought blackout lining and embellishments to try and make them more girlie. Well I say them but in reality it is one curtain but for ease I’ll stick with them.

I should tell you that I am not a seamstress, I have limited skills but I wanted to try and make something that would suit my budget, needs and wants!  I have spent hours working on them, hand sewing sequins and beads, making tabs for the top and covering buttons in fabric.

Finally today I finished them! I hung them proudly in her room, stopped sewed a few more sequins on, stepped back, sewed a few more sequins on…… You get the drift?











Oh, and I made my first ever cushion!

I still need to make a tie back, perhaps some bunting, another cushion, the list goes on.

This labour of love is not over yet, I think I need more sequins…….

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