The Fearsome Beastie

The Fearsome Beastie is the latest creation from Giles Paley-Phillips, the critically acclaimed author of ‘There’s A Lion In My Bathroom’.

The Fearsome Beastie is a dark tale of a big bad Beastie who leaves his cave to prey on innocent children. It reminded me of old school cautionary fairy tales, filled with peril but enhanced with exciting rhyming text and fantastic illustrations by Gabriele Antonini. The story reminded me a little of Little Red Riding Hood, but with the roles reversed so that in this story the hero is a Gran! But The Fearsome Beastie is darker, more devious and infinitely cooler.

Brilliantly written, and beautifully illustrated The Fearsome Beastie was immediately popular with C. We had to read it 3 times before bed and he also ‘read’ it to himself. I think this book will be popular with children aged approx 2-8yrs (the older ones could read it to you!) The illustrations of the beastie give him just enough scary but sprinkled with a hint of sweet so your children won’t have nightmares!

I don’t want to spoil this fabulous story for you but if you would like to see a little extract from The Fearsome Beastie then you can watch this short video.

Expect more to come from this author over the coming months – One to watch in the children’s literary world.

You get your very own copy of The Fearsome Beastie from all major Book Stores, Amazon and Waterstones.

(I was provided with a copy of The Fearsome Beastie for this review.)

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