My first night with a baby-free bedroom!

Last night we moved LissyLou into her own bedroom for the first time. I say this with a measure of sadness that I no longer have a tiny baby, a pinch of fear that she is not right at my side if she needs me and a dollop of pride that my little baby is big enough to be in her big girl cot in her own room.

It didn’t start well! I tried to put her down in her new cot (more about that later!) at around 9pm, she was all snuggly in her sleepsuit and grobag, with a nice full tummy, clean nappy etc. She went down like a dream, only to wake about 4 times before 11pm. Never the less, I carried on, each time checking she was warm enough, adjusting her covers etc and leaving her alone to settle herself. I didn’t hear anything else from her after that.

As I went to bed at about midnight, I popped my head round the door to find her sleeping deeply, arms above her head. When either of my children sleep with their arms above their heads I know they are very deeply asleep and will sleep very well. It has become the sign I can look for to tell if I will get a good nights sleep or not!

I didn’t hear a peep from her until 7.15am this morning when she woke up and I heard her  babbling and happy over the baby monitor. As I went in the door she squealed with delight and reached out to be picked up. She got extra big cuddles this morning!


4 thoughts on “My first night with a baby-free bedroom!

  1. I remember this moment well from when my sons both graduated to their own rooms. I bet you will be grateful for it in a few days time x

  2. Awww, that is so lovely. Funny how we miss them when they’re not there – just something we get used to. Hope the good nights continue for you.

    CJ xx
    p.s. I’ve added your blog to my blog promotions page.

    • Thank you. Its like you are constantly in limbo! Fingers crossed they do.
      (ps, thank you so much, you are on my blog roll too – I’ve been reading for a couple of weeks, I love to hear about Amy, she is a lovely little girl)

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