KUB Nesta Cot/Day Bed

We have received the KUB Nesta Cot/Day Bed to review. The KUB Nesta Cot/Day Bed arrive early one morning. The delivery man knocked loudly on the door and announced “There are 3 boxes and this!” and presented me with the mattress. Then one by one came three large, heavy boxes. Soon my hall was full to bursting!

KUB nursery furniture is created with the future of our children in mind. We care about quality, design and the environment, which is why:

– All of our wood is sourced from sustainable forests, lessening the impact to the environment

– For every item of nursery furniture sold, we make a donation to the International Tree Foundation, which plants trees to help communities

– All of our products have been awarded E1 European standard, the highest rating in the world for low emissions in furniture manufacturing

The KUB Nesta range is a beautiful blend of traditional and classic design, the Nesta range with its distinct curves is finished in a luxury Oak colour that is sure to compliment any nursery.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions (cm) : L156 D76 H95

Fits a 140 x 70cm mattress

When I spoke to KUB to agree the delivery they told me about their useful Delivery and Assembley Service. Basically, you can choose this service so that they deliver your items and they will then send someone out to build the furniture for you. At £90 it does add a considerable amount to your bill but might be worth it if you either don’t have the time or the ability to set up the things yourself.

As my husband is pretty good with these things we opted to set it up ourselves (I say ourselves, obviously I mean just him!) If you choose to opt for the normal delivery option this is £50 (free if order is over £450 and order includes a minimum of two pieces of KUB furniture and one KUB mattress). These prices were correct at the time of writing and apply to purchases from KUB dealers (list available by search with your postcode here)

My husband set the KUB Nesta Cot/Day Bed up in just 20mins (45mins including unpacking the boxes and carrying everything upstairs to LissyLou’s bedroom). He did use an electric screwdriver instead of a standard screwdriver so add some time on if you have to do it by hand.

He was very pleasantly surprised by how easy the cot was to build, he commented that “It was way easier to build than any flat pack furniture I’ve made before!”. He felt that the quality of both the cot and the fixings added to this ease and it was so straight forward he didn’t even need to use the instructions. The cot is very good quality, lovely wood and very well made. It is certainly one of the best quality cots I have ever seen. It is incredibly sturdy and will stand up to some jumping when LissyLou is bigger, each base slat is individually screwed in to ensure that the bed remains safe and secure.

You can set the height at three different levels to suit your babies age/development. We automatically went for the lowest setting as I am tall enough to easily reach into the cot to pick LissyLou out even though she cannot sit up. If you have it on a lower setting to start with it will save your back while they are smaller!

It also comes with protective teething rails to protect the cot when littles one might start to chew it. I never had this problem with C but who knows with LissyLou I might be very glad of this feature, I know lots of parents who would class this as a priority!

The Nesta is beautiful, the ends of the bed are softly curved which makes it look classy and stylish. I like the overall look of the bed and if I had the room in LissyLou’s bedroom I would love to have the matching wardrobe and the changer/dresser. The Oak colour is stunning, warm and inviting and the whole Nesta range is beautiful.

The KUB complete mattress features individually pocketed hightensile coil springs that move independently of each other, they are surrounded by high-density, dent-resistant foam for maximum support. This makes for a very comfortable bed and the mattress should last a long time. The Thermic cover provides optimum temperature regulation and is removable to allow you to take it off to wash it, which is especially important to me as it makes life a lot easier if babies are ill or have nappy related disasters! It fit the bed well and was a good thick mattress at 10cm thick, providing a snuggly bed for LissyLou to have sweet dreams. In fact I could easily sleep on it myself!

I would highly recommend the KUB Nesta Cot/Day Bed, the quality and style are brilliant and with an RRP of £300 it is well priced for the quality. You won’t be disappointed!

You can currently buy the whole bedroom set (KUB Nesta Cot/Day Bed, Wardrobe, Changer, Underbed storage drawer and comfort mattress) for £891 from Kiddicare.com  or browse a selection of their products, KUB


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