Have you met Florentine and Pig?

We are big BIG fans of Florentine and Pig! We discovered this website back in May and have been firm fans ever since. They have recently redesigned things to give the site a fresh face. I have to say that I love it!

Florentine and Pig are an amazing duo, one little girl and a very cheeky pig. On their website they invite you and your children to join them on their adventures and learn with them as they discover a glorious world of friendship, frolics and food. They add their comments to all the recipes and crafts and if you follow them on Facebook or Twitter you get little titbits of information from the pair, your little ones will love to know what is happening in their world.

The concept behind Florentine and Pig is to encourage families to cook together. Alongside beautiful family friendly recipes they have a lovely craft section with great ideas for crafts with little ones from bookmarks to jam jar lanterns. They also have a selection of lovely Florentine and Pig pictures to colour so there is plenty to keep your little one occupied this school holidays!

Featuring the lovely Jess and Laura Tilli, the fun mini-TV show will have you and your children hooked. Forget Katie from CBeebies, these two lovely ladies are in a league of their own, you may have seen them before on ‘The Restaurant’ or ‘Market Kitchen’ but they are destined to be on children’s TV. The way they involve the child star is very genuine and he seems to really enjoy being involved in the cooking.

A rather nifty feature on this website is that you can click on the recipe list and it takes you through to the Ocado website so that you can add the items straight to your shopping basket. Great idea so that you don’t forget any ingredients.

My favourite part of the site is the little stories that accompany each recipe like the one for the Chocolate and Beetroot Muffins

“Florentine and Pig are having a tea party this afternoon and
Pig is so excited he has been dancing all morning in his socks.
Two of Pig’s favourite things to eat are chocolate and beetroot and
Florentine has been racking her brains thinking of something delicious
they could make using these two yummy things…these squidgy muffins are just the ticket!
It’s the scrummy beetroot which make these chocolatey muffins the
squidgiest EVER! Go on…get baking!!”

With the scrummy recipes for things like mini beefburgers, flapjack and pitta pizzas there is something for all taste buds. Take a visit, say hello and most importantly enjoy!

HOT OFF THE PRESS!!!!!!! Florentine and Pig are holding a fabulous competition to win a vintage style jam making set! The competition closes on the 19th August 2011.

I have received no payment for this review – I did it because I LOVE Florentine and Pig and everything they stand for

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