Annabel’s Kitchen DVD Review

Annabel Karmel recently teamed up with CITV to bring you into the world of Annabel’s Kitchen on DVD. Following the success of the TV show she has released a DVD featuring nine of the best episodes from the series.

If you haven’t watched Annabel’s Kitchen before then here’s what you need to know. The Award Winning Annabel Karmel has matched some of her healthy children’s recipes with mini stories featuring her penguin friends Jimmy and Pearl and the singing cupcakes. These puppets create some humour and interest alongside the recipes, and help tell a story that works with the chosen recipes. Jimmy is a mad inventor, his crazy inventions range from The Vegetabliser that helps to chop the veggies to The Cookatron the magical instant oven! Each episode is only 11 minutes long so it doesn’t get stale and is just long enough for it to be enjoyable and interesting.

I felt that C would have been too young for Annabel’s Kitchen without Jimmy and Pearl but they added an element of fun and laughter and C was quite enthralled by the whole thing. Children of all ages will enjoy Annabel’s Kitchen, younger ones will like the puppets and sillyness and older children will want to help test the recipes. Alongside the recipes Annabel talks about eating healthy balanced meals creating a clever way of making it interesting and cool to care about what they eat.

Annabel’s Kitchen is released on the 19th September 2011, with an RRP of £19.99, Certifcate U, that includes a 30 page recipe book so that you can easily get cooking. Buy online, Annabel’s Kitchen [DVD]

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