How to make a Crown (with very limited resources!)

C asked me this morning “Mummy where is my crown?” I panicked, I know he doesn’t have a crown and I’m not really organised with the right craft supplies so I replied “I don’t think you have one”, to which he replied “I do, it’s just disappeared Mummy” Hmmm, smartipants!

So I went off in search of crafty materials that we could use to make a crown. So here’s my limited stash of things that we have used to create a special Crown. Here’s what you need!

– Paper (ideally A3 to give you plenty to work with)

– Crayons (or pens)

– Stickers (we used Cars ones as they were the only ones we had left!)

– Sticky tape (or glue)

How to make your Cars Crown!

Firstly, cut your paper into a long strip with points for the crown.

Then let your little one loose with the crayons and stickers (we spent half an hour creating our masterpiece and once we finished we started all over again!)









Then stick the pieces together to the correct length and voila, one Cars Crown with very limited resources!




Think we need a trip to the shops for some more interesting bits and bobs for our next project!!


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