What’s in my handbag?

Brit Mums asked ‘What’s in my handbag’?

Name: Ramblings of A Suburban Mummy

Number of children: 2

Blog:  www.realsuburbanmummy.com

Date of photo: 17/08/2011

Items from left to right (starting at top left corner): BillyBag purse (present from my lovely husband to go with my BillyBag handbag – he spoils me sometimes!); small pack of baby wipes; painkillers; one dummy in a box for emergencies; inhaler thingy for when you have a cold; 2 lipsticks; a pen; a nail file; spare contact lenses (I always have issues with my lenses!); antibacterial hand gel; vaseline with aloe vera (good for allsorts – cuts, dry skin etc); hair grips (for when my hair gets on my nerves – yes that’s all the time), eye drops; phone and lipstick

This is only half full, I could get a lot more in there and often do! But then again I do have my very very large changing bag too that more often than not is overflowing…….

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