Fitbug and Row2Recovery

I have been sent a Fitbug to test and review

Fitbug is a way of getting fitter and healthier without joining a gym. Basically it revolves around a ‘step counter’ but Fitbug is so much more than that. You connect Fitbug into your computer and upload your step count into your personalised page. You tell Fitbug everything about your day, what you ate, if you did any activity other than walking etc

FitBug Guid
This is an example of how your information looks when input to Fitbug.

Before you start you complete a Health Questionnaire so that you can be given some guidelines based upon your height, weight and preferred goals. I entered my info and chose to ‘Lose Baby Weight’ whilst breastfeeding so that I would get healthy goals that are safe for me and won’t affect my breast milk.

You tell your planner what you have eaten each day so that it can plot how many calories you have eaten against how many calories you have burnt. Fitbug have a database of foods alongside their calorie levels and you can easily enter extra meals or foods as you as you have the nutritional values to hand. Entering your food is quite time consuming but does help you keep track of what you are eating so it is particularly good if you are dieting.

I will be reporting on my progress each week.

Fitbug is currently available for the discounted price of £30 when you use the code R2R11 at the checkout. This includes 3 months’ unlimited membership to Fitbug, and entry into a great challenge called The Mount Everest Challenge, to raise funds for Row2Recovery

Thia 8 week challenge starts on 1st September. A link-up with Bmycharity also allows participants to raise further funds for the Row2Recovery cause.

Row2Recovery is the brainchild of three former British Army commanders who trained together at Sandhurst before going on to see extensive combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ed Janvrin, Alex Mackenzie and Tony Harris witnessed friends and comrades sustain life-changing injuries, while Tony lost his own left leg when an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detonated under his vehicle in May 2009.

All three men were profoundly moved by their experiences and feel compelled to help the fallen. From this desire to help, Row2Recovery was born.


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