Row2Recovery Mount Everest Challenge

Row2Recovery is the brainchild of three former British Army commanders who trained together at Sandhurst before going on to see extensive combat in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Ed Janvrin, Alex Mackenzie and Tony Harris witnessed friends and comrades sustain life-changing injuries, while Tony lost his own left leg when an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) detonated under his vehicle in May 2009.

All three men were profoundly moved by their experiences and feel compelled to help the fallen. From this desire to help, Row2Recovery was born.

I will be taking part in the Mount Everest Challenge, a great way to spice up our day by virtually ‘climbing’ Mount Everest. How do you virtually climb you might ask! Well by entering data from my Fitbug I will have to gradually increase my activity levels to meet increasing step targets.

The 8 week challenge starts on 1st September. An entry fee of just £30 includes a £5 donation to Row2Recovery, a Fitbug membership pack, plus 3 months’ unlimited access to, a unique coaching website. A link-up with Bmycharity also allows participants to raise further funds for the Row2Recovery cause.

To join now, visit and select the 3 month plan for £49.  At checkout, use the promo code R2R11 to get your membership for £30.

Please support this amazing cause and hopefully have some fun and get a little fitter in the process!!!!


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