Persil Small and Mighty

Persil Small and Mighty is promising great cleaning results at low temperatures, meaning you can get great results from your 30C quick wash, saving you time and money.

The smart cleaning technology from New Persil Small & Mighty means it can promise unbeatable results – without waiting for a drawn out normal wash cycle laundry load to finish. In fact, for families who average one wash a day Persil can save on average 3651 hours (or over 15 days) of waiting time every year – precious time that can be dedicated to doing something much more fun with your family.

By simply switching to colder quick wash cycles you can save 5p-10p in energy savings in a single wash; so why not join a revolution of short, cool washing cycles?

When I received Persil Small and Mighty to test and review I was very sceptical, I love to do the quick wash cycle just to save time and let me get through the washing quicker but other products have meant that stains aren’t removed so its false economy if you have to wash things twice.

Persil Small and Mighty worked well, it removed most stains first time (it struggled with blueberry) and with two small children and one husband who frequently spills his tea down his front this is no mean feat! Even on my 30C, quick cycle the results speak for themselves. I’m impressed!

Persil Small and Mighty is available in 18, 28, 54 and 85 wash packs, made from packaging that can be recycled (where facilities exist) and have an RRP starting from £4.39.


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