Nûby Grip N Sip Cup

Nûby sent us a purple Grip N Sip Cup to test and review

  • 6 months +
  • 10 oz/ 295 ml
  • Touch FloTM Technology which activates as soon as your child puts the spout into their mouth
  • Encourages natural drinking action & oral development
  • Classic silicone spout
The Nûby Grip N Sip Cup is chunky. It has wide curved handles that are easy for little hands to hold and LissyLou managed to keep hold of it even when she had slippy hands from eating fruit. I liked the sturdy base that means it isn’t easy knocked over. The Grip N Sip has a non-spill spout due to the Touch Flo technology, which means that unless you put pressure on the spout the water/juice etc doesn’t come out. It also means that the baby/child controls the flow of liquid so it encourages them to suck for the juice instead of pouring it straight into their mouth. Which all helps with strengthening oral muscles.
I think this is a great first cup as it isn’t going to spill all over LissyLou as she gets to grips with it like a normal ‘sippy cup’ would and its actually quite large so it will fit a big drink in, which is ideal for trips out or as they get bigger. For now, I’m only putting a small drink in it so that its not too heavy, as once full it would be difficult for her to lift at the moment.
Like all Nûby cups the Grip N Sip Cup is BPA free, as babies and children are most at risk from the effects of BPA, so you know that Nûby are committed to children’s health.
I really like the Nûby Grip N Sip Cup, it is easy for LissyLou to use and easy for me to clean due to the wideness of the cup, so you can easily get a brush inside to make sure it’s really clean. Priced at £2.99 its also good value! A great early cup buy, I’ll be stocking up on these!

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